Realty Startup HeyPillow raises funding


Funding story

Online real estate marketplaces are in huge demand in India these days. There is an especially huge demand for getting affordable housing conveniently, which would eliminate the need for customers to look everywhere for the best deals quickly. Recognising the huge potential of the Indian market in this regard, San Fransisco-based Stan Dong decided to commence operations in India following the establishment of his realty startup HeyPillow in 2014. The startup succeeded in raising $3 million in Series A funding from Hampton Capital recently, which is sure to prove to be a huge shot in the arm for the highly promising startup.
HeyPillow seeks to use the funding for aggressive expansion to more cities, improving the overall quality of the platform, and building a bigger, more improved database.

About HeyPillow’s services

HeyPillow seeks to provide a holistic, all-round platform for realty solutions. It acts as a marketplace not  just for homes and apartments, but also for home loans, renting and PG or Hostel accommodation. Thus, it caters to a very wide variety of demands, from diverse sections of the society. Those wishing to simply explore the huge variety of properties on offer can also do so, and users can choose between residential and commercial properties. They can also specify the price ranges which suit them, and even choose properties based on the amenities which they seek. Thus, HeyPillow allows for extreme personalization of customer choice-a significant step in ensuring customer satisfaction. A similar extent of personalization is also ensured for those seeking apartments for rent.

Scale of Operations, and the long road ahead

Currently, HeyPillow’s services can be availed of in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi-NCR. With over 15,000 listings currently available on its excellent platform, HeyPillow has already made a name for itself in providing comprehensive real estate solutions, enabling it to hold its own in a market dominated by the likes of MagicBricks and 99 acres.

Visit HeyPillow’s website for more info, or to avail of their services.