VoLTE technology: Are over 1 billion mobile subscribers ready for the upgrade?

volte technology

The most awaited VoLTE technology has arrived and the market is full buzzy about it. According to many of the industry experts, most of the mobile subscribers will be using VoLTE network in future. The adoption rate of this emerging technology is increasing every passing day and the year 2018 is all expected to set new records for the adoption rate of VoLTE technology.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE or voice over LTE is the technology that offers voice calls over an LTE 4G network. The main idea for launching this concept is to use the 4G network for improving and enhancing the voice quality. VoLTE has completely taken over the voice calling market by delivering a much better calling experience by cleare voice. Apart from this, it delivers better results for coverage and connectivity.

Future of VoLTE Technology

VoLTE is all set to deliver an amazing calling experience and showing as an important achievement in the industry. The VoLTE technology makes calling much cheaper than the traditional calling cost. Despite all benefits, are the existing 1 billion mobile subscribers are ready to upgrade to the VoLTE technology? Is it the right time when the VoLTE providers will take over the market with their offered services?

One of the people closely related to matter revealed, “Airtel’s VoLTE plans are on track having kicked off field or commercial trials in Mumbai and Delhi, and it will soon launch the service commercially in India.” talking about another mobile subscriber, Vodafone, it is assumed that it has completed all its basic technology trials and is all set to launch the technology to its customers. The other mobile subscribers are also working very hard to match their position with this amazingly rich technology.

Our Verdict

While the price of the VoLTE feature mobiles is the only constraints on the sales of the phones. Industry seeking nearly 200 million sales of 4G VoLTE feature mobiles in India for next year. This opens a huge scale of opportunity for the VoLTE phone manufactures. Well, analyzing the present stats and the upcoming plans related to the VoLTE technology, it is likely to say that the mobile subscribers are moving ahead in the right direction making them completely ready for the VoLTE upgrade.