Red Hat considers more investments in startups to push growth


Red Hat, an IT firm has invested in startups of India and Israel and is looking forward to increasing its investments in more startups working on infrastructure, innovation, and open source technologies to further accelerate its growth in the country.

It is an American multinational software company providing open-source software products to the enterprise community. The company is also looking for opportunities in telecom and government space and is thus expanding its workforce. It has been found that the growth rate in India is much faster than in any other economy.

The company focuses on the strategy of scale up and scale out i.e, bring the past along by linking to present day application. It provides contemporary cloud-centric services and refreshed applications.

Red Hat Executive Vice President Global Sales and Service Arun Oberoi told PTI, “Everyone is attracted to social startups, although core startups in the tech sector are fewer and fewer… Innovation, infrastructure and whether it can be open sourced are the exciting things Red Hat looks for in startups,” He further added, “India is a big consumer of information. This is the digital age where consumption of information is growing exponentially. If you look at Digital India, it is a great initiative because it’s the way to reach the villages,”

He further said growth in India is “much faster” than any other markets. He, however, did not share revenue details.

Oberoi mentioned that the company is working in the direction of correcting awareness and benefits of open source which is seen as a big challenge in India. For the same, the company is expanding its members bringing in talent pool from all the big engineering and business school. At a global scale, they are trying to create a bandwidth to capture the massive opportunity the digital world.

Presently the headcount of Red Hat in India is 1000 people, whereas it has 8000 people at the global level.