Google steps ahead with driver-less cars by investing in autonomous vehicle technology

autonomous vehicle

Google has been one strong player in the autonomous vehicle technology right from the starting. In 2017, Google came up with their integrated system in the market. The integrated system launched by Google focused on increasing the utilization of cars from 5% to 75% by encouraging sharing. This step by Google will help in reducing the number of cars on roads. Besides this, Google has worked consistently in developing their idea of self-driving car technology.

It is expected that by the year 2030, self-driving cars will create opportunities worth $87 billion for the automakers and technology developers. Google has always been consistent in keeping its details secret and has never revealed any of its information in public. But the recent reports have revealed that Google has stepped ahead than all the others in its project of an autonomous vehicle. Google has spent $1.1 billion in developing its software and hardware for the self-driving car in between 2009 to 2015.

Future is Self-Driving Transportation Tech

Self-driving car technology is no doubt one of the biggest revolutions in the market. Every leading automobile company is trying to put their best foot forward for being better than the others. While all the leading names have been investing major amounts in developing this technology, Google has certainly moved way ahead. However, if facts are to be believed, the amount of $1.1 billion invested by Google is totally justified. Comparing the overrated market of autonomous cars the investment will help Google to be stronger than the others.

By investing the money better and strategically than others, Google’s big investment in the autonomous vehicle technology is ready to pay off. Many experts are predicting the investment as a bargain that will work in favor of Google. Google should stand way higher in the market with its practical decision of practically investing the money in the development. The strategic planning has helped Google to perform all their R & D along with making financial sense with the investments. The entire automobile market is eagerly waiting for the introduction of self-driving car technology in the coming future. Certainly, the revolution in the driving methodology is speeding at a higher speed.