Vietjet – Vietnam’s bikini airline soon to knock at Indian doors

bikini airline

Vietnam’s famous bikini airline Vietjet is planning to make its Indian debut. The airline, which made the headline when its cabin crew served its passengers in a bikini, is all set to return to the headlines. It is the first airline which has taken such a big step of serving the passengers in a bikini. Now, the airlines have turned the heads with its entry in the Indian market. The operations of this airline are expected to start from the coming July.

While, on one hand, where many people have given a shocking reaction, there are many who are waiting excitedly for the airlines to enter. This big news from the airlines has increased many speculations in the Indian market. People and many other airlines are confused about the reaction and response this airline will receive in the Indian market. However, Vietjet is pretty confident for its successful launch and getting positive in the Indian aviation market as well.

Vietjet which was launched in the year 2007 was known as a low-cost carrier airline. The 2011 ad campaign of the company, featuring bikini women, brought them in limelight. It was after this that the airline got more popular as bikini airlines rather than being a low-cost carrier. From then, the airlines attracted their passengers with their cabin crew in a bikini. However, the airlines only have female staff in a bikini for their special flights. This means that not all their flights have female staff in bikinis.

The airlines had many times penalized for experimenting some raunchy stunts. Last year, the airline was criticized for flying with scantily-clad female cabin staffs. It was after many obligations and criticism that the CEO of the airlines apologized on Facebook for his act. The airline was penalized with a fine of 40 million for this act. This was not the first time when the airline was penalized. In 2012, the airline was penalized a fine of 20 million for hosting a Hawaiian dance from the scantily-clad women.

While the airlines have always been in many controversies, they have to be extra careful while entering the Indian market. These kinds of stunts may not be accepted well with the Indian aviation industry and thus can land the airlines in big troubles.