Why Indian railways excited about inter-state high-speed rail network?

inter-state high-speed rail

The Indian railway is all excited about the inter-state high-speed rail network. Right from the beginning, one of the most talked about issues is that of Indian railways. Over the last few years, there have been some major steps which have laid down the foundation of a stronger railway network. A strong indication about the same was mentioned in the budget 2017. Rs. 18,000 crore was allocated to the Indian railways for its improvement. The allocated loan will help the trains to run at an improved speed of 160kmph. This step is being seen as a drastic improvement over the present situation of Indian railways.

What Rail Ministry says?

According to one of the officials in the railway ministry, the Indian railway can get a help of Rs. 10 Lakh crore. This investment has indicated the fact that the railway network will grow according to the needs of the present improvements. If the following investment will be successfully issued, it will allow the trains to run at a speed of 200kmph. To complement the growing investment in upgrading the Indian railways, there is also a plan for inter-state high-speed rail network. Many attempts are being made to improve the skills, scale, and speed of the rails.

The upcoming inter-state high-speed rail network will not only connect the railway routes but will also improve the technology used. Apart from improving the existing trains, the Indian railways are also planning to launch many new trains. The bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is also one of the steps in advancing the Indian railway network. The bullet train is scheduled to be launched in the year 2022 with all the advanced features and facilities.

The improvements in the Indian railway network is a good news to work for improving the present conditions. The fast inter-state rail network will certainly be more than the train that will revolutionize the Indian network. In one of the interviews, well-known politician Kejriwal said on the emerging bullet trains, “It’s not just a train. It’s about demonstrating to everyone that India has the capability of putting something as modern as bullet train in place. India is trying to show that it has the capability and the talent. As we grow, the aspirations of the country are widening and I believe that bullet train signifies this.” Let us hope that the present conditions of the Indian railways improve fast and beautifully.