Bengaluru-based logistics startup Instavans raises funding


Funding story

The trucking industry in India has always been among the most important categories of the logistics segment. Innumerable industries, both big and small, are heavily dependent on trucks for day-to-day transportation of goods. A number of logistics startups are seeking to aggregate truck owners and delivery agents, in the hope of streamlining what is a hugely disjointed industry. Among the foremost such startups is Instavans, a Bengaluru-based startup set up in November 2014 by Vinay Goel and Sanjay Shah. It recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Dell Services President Suresh Vaswani. As part of this deal, Suresh will join the company’s board of directors.

About Instavans’s services

Instavans claims to provide a seamless on-demand platform, which is capable of meeting every deadline set by businesses dependant on trucking services. The platform focuses on transparency, speedy delivery and an end-to-end experience for truckers. It also provides shipping services. Its services can be availed of via its excellent website and Android and iOS apps.Among the USP’s of its services are real-time tracking, automatic dispatch and online documentation of demands and payment, which reduces paperwork. Instavans also delegates transportation to the closest truckers, thus reducing travel distances, and consequently, times. Its extensive verification of the quality and background of truckers and shippers ensures quality transportation.
Currently its services are limited to Bangalore, where it has already succeeded in aggregating services of a number of high-quality truckers.

Looking ahead


Truck aggregation, using transparent online platforms, has become an attractive segment for investors of late, with the likes of Quifers and Moovo, other key players in this segment, also expanding their operations this year. The innovative use of technology is guaranteed to fundamentally transform the logistics sector in the years ahead.

To avail of Instavans’s services, visit their website at


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