January 16, 2018

Reneide Nunes De Souza

work repetition

How to prevent your business from work repetition?

Some points are crucial and often placed on the back burner, or even ignored by entrepreneurs on a daily basis in the pursuit of their endeavors. A small business has a precarious...

small-scale business, customer satisfaction survey

When is it necessary to listen to a customer satisfaction survey and discard what they say when starting a small business

When starting a small-scale business, there comes a time when you want to test a prototype. Your primary intention would be to seek feedback on how the product is performing. You...

small business events, business events

5 Tips to succeed at business events like a pro even if you are not

If you are looking for new opportunities, business events are a smart start and essential to succeed in your endeavors. Some people attain great achievements in a newly founded...

digital storytelling, storytelling, storytelling marketing

Storytelling for your business progress, prosperity and success

What is Digital Storytelling Marketing? We live in an era where people are seamlessly more connected and generating content that multiplies so fast and spreads like a wildfire....

idea validation, new business ideas

What is the importance of testing a business idea?

One of the most used formulas today involves product & idea validation based on the concept of “spending a little to introduce new business ideas into the market.”...

product management, business model innovation ,innovative product management, product development strategy, product development

What is Innovative Product Management?

In a company, a new product development process requires innovative business ideas arising due to Innovative Product Management. This concept involves investing into product...

perfect product, product delivery, product launch, consumers

2 Actionable Tips to Scale and Deliver a perfect product to Your Consumers

A perfect product that matches most of consumer requests is hard to deliver. Even with all the help from consumer behaviour research, your product or service may never...

conversation starters, elevator pitch, networking, importance of networking,

How to Improve Your Networking Skills for Reliable and Long-lasting Business Connections?

A successful business not only upholds its business practices and quality of service, but it also values business networking. An entrepreneur understands this importance of...

young entrepreneurs, traits of entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial mindset

Why should Young Entrepreneurs Focus More on the Vision of Entrepreneurship as Compared to Salaried Positions?

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship is quickly catching on among the youth all over the world. Most of the young entrepreneurs making strides are millennials who are filled with zeal...

productivity increase, job productivity, productivity

How to Track Employee Productivity at a Workplace? 5 Ways for Managers to Increase Job Productivity

The work culture today is different than it has ever been in the past. New startups promise better working hours and higher employee satisfaction, at the behest of job...

intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship vs. intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, company culture

Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur: Which brings a better prospective for your Startup?

There are two terms that govern the role you choose to play in your career: Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship. Understanding the key differences between the two can be an...

business options, pre-existing business, buying a franchise, independent business

What are the 3 Golden Business Investment Opportunities for First-time Business Owners?

Business options always stir people to explore uncharted territories, especially when you picture the success of your business idea in just a few years. For some, the stereotype...

soft skills, career

What is the Importance of Soft Skills in the business domain?

What is a Soft Skill? To excel in your chosen career requires much more than competence and efficiency, you must stand out within your department. All the business skills of a...

font style, design

What is the Importance of Font Style in the Visual Design of your Business?

What is a Font? A font is a set of characters in a solo design, commonly referred as the Font Style. The interpretation of the source depends on psychological, cultural &...

sustainability, micro-enterprise, innovation

Sustainability- A New Opportunity for Small Businesses in Developing Markets

Collaborating and helping the environment has always been a rich resource for entrepreneurship. Quite commonly, companies involved in manufacturing are advised to or make use of...