Practo owns Genii, focuses on enterprise sector


Practo has acquired Genii a product outsourcing firm here. Enjoying biggest healthcare boost Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners had recently acquired digital fitness solution startup Fitho. Genii a renowned product outsourcing firm with domain experience developing e-commerce portals, SaaS  platforms across media, finance, retail  and others including Media assist, HDFC RED, Economic Times, Axis Bank.

The owning focuses to strengthening the tech team at Practo and help them to accelerate time to market in all enterprise segment.

NIT alumni Abhinav Lal and Shashank ND founded the company in 2009. Presently, it is on hiring spree and plans to double its 1000 member team by the year end. The company had low attention rate. Practo’s two main offering in market carry Practo search is doctor search engine for patients, Practo Ray practices management solutions for doctors managing patients and digital health care records. It has over 8,000 hospitals on its platform and will be expanding this to over 20,000 by the year end.

In recent development the Genii founders Aditya Anand, Varun Vohra and 11 members team will join Practo and move to Bangalore. Its founders will lead product teams and will accelerate Practo’s growth in enterprise space with products focusing on hospitals, diagnostic center and others.

This second ownership of its recent acquisitions Practo is exploring. It offers company fast way to scale and ability to further accelerate the roadmap. Shashank says, “It is the next step in our mission to make Practo your health app. We believe acquisitions are a fantastic way to add world class like-minded talent to our team. We continue to look at acquiring great talent and technology”.

As per Varun, Genii decided to join Practo over some of the others because of the high impact vision, commitment to great products and their collaborative approach. It is also looking for further strategies working in tandem with the Digital India campaign by PMO India; it is working to add more pharmacies, doctors and hospitals online and mobile. The industry is likely to attain $6 billion by 2017.