DineDesk : A novel platform which aims to make restaurant management easier

DineDesk is an excellent restaurant services management platform which enables restaurants to execute a number of management-related tasks with little effort. The cloud-based platform operates on a predominantly B2B model. It was set up in April 2014 by Ahmed Sharief and is based in Hyderabad.

DineDesk’s features and services

DineDesk’s most important feature is the DineDesk Control Panel, which enables centralized control of all operational activities. Reservations, menus, coupons and offers and deals, to name a few, can all be configured via this excellent platform. Its seamless integration with social networking platforms ensures that any changes made are immediately reflected on the various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on restaurant and mobile websites. An added feature is DineDesk’s offer to set up and manage restaurant and mobile websites, which is a huge boon for smaller establishments.
DineDesk’s configuration of widgets allows services to be integrated effortlessly with third party providers. Moreover, excellent analytics tools allow for the consistent monitoring of services, and yield useful management-related data.
DineDesk’s new offering is ReserveDine,  a B2C service which operates as a restaurant discovery platform. According to Ahmed, the presence of value added content will enable it to obtain a large share of the fiercely fought over restaurant discovery and reviews market.

DineDesk’s progress and future plans

Having already raised $100,000 worth of seed funding from angel investors, DineDesk is keen on expanding its profile, particularly by developing partnerships in various countries, besides focusing on branding and on enhancing technology. Currently, DineDesk operates in India , Thailand , UAE , Indonesia , Singapore and USA. Its services are currently availed of by over 120 restaurants, with plans to expand it to over 1000 restaurants by end-2016.

How DineDesk revolutionizes restaurant management

Restaurant management is no easy task , with expanding technology-driven opportunities also coming along with its fair share of challenges. The lack of integration of various services and operational methods is a major constraint faced by most restaurants. DineDesk aims to greatly simplify and increase the efficiency of restaurant operations, by enabling the seamless aggregation of booking and deals from multiple sources. Its integration of a variety of services under one platform is thus bound to be a huge boon for all restaurants.

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