3 Tips for Managers to Boost Confidence in Your Team Members At a Startup


Being a good manager is akin to being a good parent. There are times when you need to enforce discipline among the team members, and at times, sympathy. Sometimes, appreciation is in order, and rest of the time, giving some space works like a charm.

Building a winning team that will show you the utmost loyalty during hard times and become a part of your work family is every manager’s dream. In order to achieve that dream, you have to let go of expectations and let their creativity brew.


3 Tips for Managers to Cultivate Reliable Team Members

Show value to the team members.

Remember, you are not only a member of the team you are also a manager. As a manager, your moral and professional duty is to value other team members and let them have their moment when the outcome is successful. You must make an effort to thank and appreciate each member’s contribution that leads to success.

Displaying acts of appreciation in front of the fellow team members earns you a lot of value and respect. That is one great way to bind them not only to you but also to the company for a long time! It is a form of motivation that deepens the bond between a manager and a team member.

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Make way for spontaneous actions.

As a manager, showing support and encouragement goes a long way towards building a healthy team culture. Furthermore, you must also give them the freedom to function spontaneously following their instincts. Every person is capable of making educated guesses, add to that the practical work experience and the freedom to think and act, you have yourself a wonderful team that will bring more than a hundred percent of productivity to the team.

From a managerial point of view, the team’s spontaneity will give you a clear indication of its strengths and weaknesses at a given moment. Making a judgment call is half the experience one can learn at a workplace. Using this information, you can help guide the team to face upcoming challenges.

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Let the team members set their own pace.

Break the stereotypical barrier of the relationship between an employer and an employee and make an effort to get to know your team members. Staying aloof won’t help at all. Each team member contributes something unique to the group and to the organisation, as well. They have individual strengths and weaknesses, and each one of them has their own set pace of learning. As their leader, it is your foremost duty to guide them individually to work at their own pace. Remember, it takes patience and perseverance to craft a gem. The more emotional patience you have for them, the better they will perform.

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In a fast-paced culture today, technology has made our lives much easier. Much as some of us to utilise it in the best possible manner. Connect emotionally with other fellow human beings who may be your co-workers or team members. Being a respected manager is hard. Most of all, it is certainly not hard to be good to your team members. Hence, keeping personal ego of status, as well as, salary out of the equation will earn you a loyalty. Such people will always be with you through thick and thin.


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