Zeppery : Revolutionizing pre-ordering of food


                                Eating out, and the issues constraining this phenomenon
Dining out at food outlets in cities has become extremely popular these days, as a result of rising consumerism. But those wishing to eat out frequently face numerous issues with interfere with their enjoyment. Possibly the foremost among these is the huge delay between ordering and serving. Other such factors are a lack of information regarding menus and prices, as well as a disparity between expectations and the end-result.

                             What is Zeppery? How does it work?
Delhi-based Inweone Technologies has started an app, called Zeppery, which aims at ensuring that such constraints are overcome. This app is aimed at making pre-ordering food at all kinds of food outlets easy, cheap and convenient.
This will greatly reduce the inordinate delays which usually accompanies ordering food, in addition to enabling users to get visuals of the food ordered. The users will be kept aware of the order’s status at all times.

                               Additional Features
Zeppery will enable pre-ordering at outlets at a variety of locations, ranging from airports and food courts at malls to railway stations. This will also allow the relatively little-known outlets at these places to market their operations more effectively.
Zeppery’s innovative concept has already allowed it to net partnerships with the likes of Haldiram’s and Moti Mahal.

                            Funding news, road ahead and what PS thinks
Recently, Zeppery managed to raise $77,000 worth of angel investments from angel investor Suyash Sharma. The raised amount will be used primarily in B2B marketing. With talks for raising a much larger sum, to the tune of $500,000 at an advanced stage, Zeppery looks set to be able to market its innovative concept widely, making pre-ordering food hassle-free, and taking the widely popular concept of eating out to a wholly different level in India.