Online counselling startup YourDOST raises funding


Funding story

The demands of our hectic daily lives have resulted in a great increase in the importance of effective, accessible emotional counseling. Online counseling provider YourDOST is one of the market leaders in this regard, with their services having provided succor to many a soul in need. The startup recently raised $400,000 in seed funding from angel investors Phanindra Sama(redBus co-founder), Smartur founder Neeraj Jawalkar, TaxiForSure co-founder Aprameya Radhakrishna and Capillary Technologies founder Aneesh Reddy, among others. The raised funding is expected to be used for marketing and expansion plans.

YourDOST’s services

YourDOST was founded  in December 2014 by Richa Singh, Puneet Manuja, Satyajeet Nandekar and Prakhar Verma. In a country which severely lacks adequate facilities to deal with those suffering from psychological crises, YourDOST’s excellent services, which have garnered renown for their professionalism and accessibility, come as a huge boon. YourDOST’s services are available both via its online portal, as well as through the Android app.Its services can be accessed in a number of ways-by chatting online with its excellent team of professionals, or by requesting an appointment. Moreover, motivational articles are available for free reading on the portal’s blog itself.The articles also contain excellent self-improvement tips which are relevant for most people.  The startup’s team of experts provide counseling regarding a vast array of issues, pertaining to career, family, romance and life problems in general. The entire interface, starting from the provision of excellent motivational quotes, to the accessible nature of the portal’s services, has been designed to ensure a de-stressing environment in mind.
User reviews speak glowingly about YourDOST’s services, with their selflessness and professionalism garnering them renown. Its also possible to volunteer with YourDOST and refer friends and acquaintances in trouble to the portal.

Growth-Past, Present and Future

Over the past year, YourDOST’s scale of operations has grown dramatically, with over 10,000 users currently registered, and a team of 75 experts providing full-time attention to those in distress. YourDOST is likely to continue to remain one of the foremost counseling platforms in the years to come.

Visit YourDOST’s site for more information, or download their Android app here.