Sports education and training venture KOOH Sports raises funding


Funding story

Sports Education and training startup KOOH Sports has been making the headlines of late. The Mumbai-based startup, which was set up in 2010 succeeded in raising $2 million recently from a conglomerate of investors, among whom were existing investors TCS, HDFC and Faering Capital. These investors thus succeeded in bagging a 70% stake in the company. Another participant, Elevate Sports, now holds a 5% stake. KOOH was founded by Susir Kumar and Prabhu Srivinasan.

About KOOH Sports

KOOH Sports claims to be a Sports Education, Training and Technology company whose overall aim is to get kids to embrace a sporty lifestyle, by imparting sport training. KOOH targets young kids primarily, with the goal of creating a generation which takes readily to participating in sports and adopting a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. The company carries out numerous programmes at the school level, all of which are geared towards the nurturing of budding talent. Some of these programmes are KID-FIT(for preschoolers), GET ATHLETICS(for those in grades 3-8), and PEAK(for those in grades 3-12). All these programmes have been scientifically prepared, and involve the careful and close monitoring of wards. The sports on offer are Cricket, Football, Tennis and Basketball, but KOOH is also foraying into new ground, and the latest instance of funding seeks to promote self-defence as well. Each sport is promoted through its own development centre. An athletics centre is also expected to be up and running shortly.

More about its services, and conclusion

Furthermore, KOOH also offers sports camps and family outings for a comprehensive leisure experience. The company has an activity testing platform called “Focus Score” through which a comprehensive understanding of health and fitness can be achieved.
With the raised funding likely to be used to further the range of services available, KOOH will soon be ahead of the rest of the pack in offering reliable leisure and physical development options to kids of all ages.

Visit the startup’s website here.


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