AI module developer startup raises pre-Series A funding


Funding story

Given the huge importance of AI systems to machination of almost every sort, AI development startups have taken on a key role. One such startup,, recently succeeded in raising $750,000 in pre-Series A funding from a group of investors, including YourNest angel fund and members of VentureNursery.

What is

The startup, which was set up by Vinay Kumar Sankarapu and Deekshith Marla from IIT-Mumbai, seeks to be the one-stop solution place for all issues related to the development of AI processes, and their application. uses high-level algorithms to develop advanced AI systems which can be modified for use on every platform. The startup has worked with enterprises hailing from almost every segment-from travel and research to medicine and banking. For instance, the startup’s very page has an interactive imagined demonstration of its virtual research assistant conversing with someone who desires to obtain info regarding the importance of artificial intelligence in research. The research assistant itself is a product of the rigorous algorithms which Arya has perfected to make life easier for customers of all kinds. Furthermore, their excellent site highlights the various segments into which the enterprise seeks to foray into the near future.

More about the funding, and future prospects

YourNest Angel Fund’s Girish Shivani has expressed his optimism regarding Arya’s future prospects. According to Shivani, the ready-to-integrate modules which the startup has created can be applied to every field. Shivani himself joins the board as a member of YourNest, following this latest investment. Furthermore, the investment itself will be used to give a significant boost to product development and create a holistic ecosystem which can allow Arya’s products to thrive. In the long run, seeks to create a genetic AI companion which will bring about a sea change in how people across the globe lead their lives.

Visit the startup’s website for more info.


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