Wearble gaming player- SuperSuit gets funded by Ratan Tata


The gaming is always incomplete without bringing you outside yourSuperSuit little cabins in the home. SuperSuit is bringing the excitement of outdoor gaming & challenge your friends! SuperSuit is first of a kind in wearable gaming sector. It focuses on reducing screen time and increasing social interaction. It motivates physical  activities and brings kids & guardians outdoors to play games. It encourages exciting and non violent games. When gesture control technology was introduced in outdoor gaming at CES 2016, it received profound response though it was just a prototype.

Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata group, is the latest investor for SuperSuit. Firm recently announced another round of funding with capitalists including Flipkart (Binny Bansal), Ola Cabs (Bhavish & Ankit) and Freshdesk (Girish Mathrubootham). Total investment raised until now is up to $2.5 million.

Rajat Dhariwal, Co-Founder & CEO of SuperSuit, said, “Outdoor gaming is slowly losing its relevance owing to the shrinking outdoors in urban spaces and safety concerns in suburbs. We are determined  to bring back gaming in its true avatar by amalgamating the concept of outdoor gaming with gesture-control technology. We are excited to have toy industry veteran Alice & UX expert Rajiv on board the SuperSuit team with a shared vision of an active and balanced childhood.”

SuperSuit holds three gears viz. SuperGlove, SuperBot and SuperVest. SuperVest is the armour of your Superhero. It responds, lights up and talks to you and assisting you to save the day. The charm of telekinesis, on hands is brought to you by SuperGlove.  Where as SuperBot fires back at your enemies assisting you as a sidekick.

This year in september firm plans to launch its pre-order campaign. Firm acquired Roominate, a beloved toy brand in Jan 2016; was founded by Alice Brooks. It has also closed on two successful crowdfunding campaigns and has been backed by Mark Cuban. It has recorded sale of 100s of thousands of units through partnerships with Walmart. As a head of design, Rajiv Patel, owner of Lift Projects, and creator of first FitBit mobile app and enterprise app for Dropbox too got aboard.