Top 7 Android Browsers That You Need to Have in Your Phone


The number of Internet users accessing the web with smartphones is growing day by day and along with that the search for a better and faster browser grows too. The default browsers that ship with Android smartphones are good at their work but still there’s a lot more which can be done with other browsers. To help you find the best browser as per your needs, we are listing up some of them which we found impressive.

1. Chrome

Chrome for Android

Well, there’s nothing new to introduce about Google’s Chrome. Chrome comes pre-installed with most of the Android smartphones along with other Google apps. Chrome has a rich and easy to use user interface along with advanced features. If you are an average user Chrome probably has most of the things that you may need. Chrome is fast and mobile friendly in loading web pages. You can also choose to open the original desktop view of mobile websites. If you have Android lollypop or newer version of Android on your phone, then the tabs will be showing on the task switcher, which making it easier to scroll through the tabs. Moreover, you can sync tabs with Chrome on Windows or Mac OSX to continue your browsing experience on your PC. There’s also an incognito mode which can help you to browse the internet anonymously.

Download Chrome from Here

2. Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser for Android

Other than Dolphin browser people mostly use puffin to browse through the websites that still uses Flash. Older websites that need Flash for any game or something else is still a bad experience for users and to improve the experience Puffin uses their own dedicated servers. The browser handles all the complicated stuff from their end and then it delivers a better and more enjoyable flash experience. Puffin is also good for day to day web browsing as it can load web pages significantly faster. Besides it is worth noting that Puffin can also handle flash games for you.

Download Puffin from Here

3. Mercury Browser

Mercury Browser

Mercury browser is best for those people who like more customizations and security. The browser features different themes for day and night which will change automatically. Moreover, there’s a manual brightness setting inside the app so that you can use the app without changing your main brightness settings. Also like most other browsers, there is a private mode and to keep your content ad free there is an ad blocker. The thing which I personally like most about the browser is the passcode option which can stop anybody using your phone from finding your browser history.

Download Mercury from Here

4. Dolphin

Dolphin Browser

Are you one of those peoples who are always looking for more features under one roof? If yes, then you should possibly give Dolphin browser a try. As said earlier, the browser is famous for its Flash support. But there’s a lot more things too. The voice search and browsing are not something that you see everywhere. In addition, there’s a gesture control too which can be used to open websites that are frequently accessed. Dolphin browser also has a dedicated theme engine using which you can be able to customize your browsing experience.

Download Dolphin from Here

5. Firefox for Android


Mozilla Firefox is widely used by PC owners and Mozilla focuses on the same with Firefox for Android. The browser is simple in terms of design and has the same type of features that other browsers have. You can customize the home tray with the websites and services of your like, sync data with Firefox on PC or even use swipe gestures to browse the web. The simple and optimized user interface of Firefox works great.

Download Firefox from Here

6. UC Browser

UC Browser

In India UC browser is a lot famous. Many friends of mine use UC as their primary browser as it has a good privacy mode and extra data saving options. There’s also themes and night mode which adds more charm to the browser. But the attention grabber is the inbuilt download manager which helps to increase the download speeds a bit more. Also, there’s a turbo boost option which loads up web pages a bit faster.

Download UC Browser from Here

7. Apus Browser

Apus Browser

Well, you may have heard of Apus launcher but wait! What? Yes, they have a browser too and it’s just 0.6 MB in size (Before installation). Apus browser is great for those who want to save more data. And if you still need to save some more data, it can disable loading images while a web page loads. For those with low-end Android phones, Apus can be the best choice as it is very lightweight and uses fewer resources while it’s running. The other features include night mode and incognito mode.

Download Apus from here

So did you find the browser that can be best for your smartphone? If yes give us a shout in the comments section down below.

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