5 Free Tools To Meet The Rising Needs Of Every Solopreneur


The working methodology is changing rapidly. With most of the employer-driven manufacturing establishments making a drastic shift to nonemployer establishments, contributing nearly 20% growth in the US alone. Solopreneurs are breaking all norms of preconceived notions of a ‘job.’ They contract labors instead of hiring employees and believe in doing most of the work by themselves. In 2016, in the U.S. alone, there were around 5.4 million solopreneur businesses that made use of contract labor. Not only that, these firms spent about $95 billion hiring other freelancers and independents over the previous years. This equates to hiring about 2.3 million full-time workers.

The study released by the U.S Federal Reserve found that 2015 Small Business Credit Survey: Report on Non-Employer Firms (including solopreneur) have a high rate of contract worker usage by non-employers. This study indicated a 32 percent of all nonemployer businesses surveyed use contract labor and almost half of non-employers (including solopreneur) with revenue over $100,000 use contract labor. Obviously, all this points to one major fact, that the solopreneurs have their hands full and they like it. They like the pressure they are under, and also like that they can hire anyone and at any time as per the need and do not have to worry about managing their work either.

Even after all this, if there is a much free time that a solopreneur can use to maximize their creative potential on the tasks that will allow their business to grow beyond restrictions. To do this swiftly and successfully, here are some suggested tools:

#1. Telegram

The perfect messaging tool for teams and an efficient WhatsApp alternative. The reason this messaging app makes the top of the list is because of its simple interface, calling feature, wide selection of emoji’s and their free cloud service where the company claims a ‘no peek policy,’ which means all your data remains encrypted to anyone but yourself, and it will stay in the cloud forever, unless you delete it.

Another impressive feature is you can add 5000 members to a group you create, and it requires no sign-up and you never receive annoying emails notifications filling up your inbox. The app is completely free for use and does not have membership trenches either.

[appbox googleplay id=org.telegram.messenger]

#2. Grammarly

As a solopreneur, you are going to be handling a lot of writing stuff by yourself. This includes writing emails, posting social media posts, editing or adding pages to your websites, advertising or even blogging on your website. All of these need to be perfectly worded and a perfect tool to use for this task is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a smart software that catches your grammatical, punctuation mistakes that are overlooked by word processors. It works on your browser, you can add it as an extension on chrome, and even use it as an Add-on to your Microsoft Word 2007 or later. The free version itself is quite efficient but the paid version also won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It is a low-cost, high-profit tool that will make sure that your hard work is represented gloriously.

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#3. Buffer

Buffer is a Social media management tool for marketers and agencies. If you live on the phone doing business throughout the day, then Buffer is the one tool you must have. It is available on cross-platform and has over 3 million happy customers.

Using Buffer, you can schedule your posts for later, pick a time when your followers and fans will see your updates more often thereby, getting the most out of each post. It is really a life-saver for a freelancer.

You can also post the same content to multiple social accounts or add context by customizing each one individually. Add Multimedia- photo, video or use Pablo to create beautiful images within seconds and share it across your social platforms. Moreover, the plans offered are quite affordable too. Also, their Blog section is awesome and a must-read!

[appbox googleplay id=org.buffer.android]

#4. Zapier

Zapier allows you to automate tasks in a very simple manner. You can now build independent connections and create basic automation with the free plan. Whereas, using the premium plan will allow you greater customization of the automation processes.

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#5. Workflow Max

Workflow Max includes everything a solopreneur needs under an integrated platform. It handles everything from client management to invoicing, timesheets, job costing, purchase orders and more. Also, more than 30 unique add-ons are available to ease your workflow.

Use them for free and allow yourselves to become a loyal user of one or all. Furthermore, try to take complete advantage of this marketing tactic and put it to rigorous work for your business.

[appbox googleplay id=com.workflowmax.android]