Tata EVision Electric Car: All You Need to Know

Tata EVision Electric Car

The well-known brand of Tata Motors completed its successful 20 years in the Geneva International Motor Show. However, the event was not just special for the completion of 20 years for the brand, but also became the talk of the town as the brand unveiled its much waited Tata EVision Electric Car.

Following the other successful products like H5X and 45X, this Tata EVision Electric car is the third in the row from the company. The company has always been clear that these new models launched are for the next generation with many advanced features. The company also claims that this EVision Electric car is by far their best product based on the new design language called “Impact Design 2.0“.

The car is based on the OMEGA platform which is seen as the future of all-electric cars and motors. As soon as the announcement of the car was made, it has started impressing many people around with its super-amazing qualities. Interested in knowing its qualities? Let us have a look:

  1. This model of electric car is based on the OMEGA architecture which is altogether a flexible and scalable architecture.
  2. The entire width of the car runs using the 3-dimensional ‘Humanity Line‘. It is crafted in the brushed aluminum for this particular model.
  3. The car is of the same size as that of Jaguar XE and Mercedes Benz C Class.
  4. The instrumental panel compliments two digital interfaces which can be used as and according to the need and requirement of users
  5. The car is well-supported with connected modern technologies like cloud computing, geo-spatial mapping, analytics, and the most importantly the increased interaction of human-machine.
  6. DLO, which are in diamond shape, runs from pillar A to C
  7. The tail lights of the car comprise to be a part of the ‘slingshot‘ which covers the entire car right from the logo of Tata to the side of the body.

As the car has been unveiled with lots of expectations, it would be very interesting to observe the acceptance of the market and the users towards the car. What are your opinions about this?

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