Healthcare venture Obino, run by Manna, raises funding


Funding story

Manna Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a heathcare startup, owns and operates Obino, which is a virtual weight loss coaching platform. Recently, Obino succeeded in getting the backing of US-based venture capital fund RoundGlass Partners. The amount raised hasn’t been disclosed yet, however, this is a significant boost for Obino, and the raised funding is likely to be used for marketing, general brand-building, and an enhancement in the technological quality of the products used.

What is Obino?

Obino was founded by Vishal Soni, Yogesh S and Ritu Soni Srivastava in August 2014. Obino claims to be a one-stop solution for all weight-loss related issues, thus minimizing the need for having to run helter-skelter to find the ideal solution for such things. Obino’s excellent team of nutritionists-currently consisting of 2 experts, a figure which is expected to reach 40 soon, thanks to the latest funding instance and other miscellaneous examples of funding-offers comprehensive dietary solutions. Optimal diets are prescribed, exercise regimes are monitored and most importantly, healthy, effective habits are prescribed.
Obino focuses on personalization-taking into account each user’s specific requirements, and suggesting appropriate regimens in turn. The startup also provides a personalized “My Diary with Meal Tracking” for every user which records all their activities, meals and food and water consumption. This greatly simplifies the monitoring process for the user, for they no longer have to rely on written work.
The Obino website also contains extremely useful generic information regarding weight control, and diets. Furthermore, crucial information regarding the various packages on offer are also present on the website. This greatly aids the user in making use of the various packages.

Achievements, and the road ahead

The startup has already managed to land over 10,000 clients, among whom some 500 are in the paid clients category. Their emphasis on user convenience, simplicity and effectiveness is likely to see this exciting venture grab a major share of the burgeoning healthcare segment in the years to come.

Visit the startup’s website here, for more info.


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