Silvan Innovation Labs- Home automation startup raised Rs. 6 Cr from Infuse Ventures


Silvan Innovation Labs raised Rs. 6 Crore through equity investment, infuse-venture
made by Infuse Ventures. Startup aims at home automation and energy management solutions. Currently working upon B2C segment has served many players like Lodha group, Tata Housing Developing Company etc.


  • Expansion to B2C segment.
  • Forming more strategic marketing ideas.
  • More new automation projects.
“We also have entertainment oriented products like the zPly, which is a digital music zoning system that streams and plays centrally stored music anywhere within the house, and Lumos, an easy retrofit light automation which can automatically dim and brighten lights in different parts of the house through a few taps on a smartphone; this can also be used through conventional switches,” said Avinash Gautam, CEO of Silvan Innovation Labs.

More about it-

Launched in 2008, startup has bagged Rs. 13.5 Crore up to now. It has Silvan-Labsdisclosed some new home automation products, which were under development for last two years. Products are as CBell, WiFi video doorbell ( call the user on the phone everytime the bell is pressed), and Secure (application based security system, that let users to keep an eye on their home while they are away; enable the users to secure their homes against intrusions such as gas leakage, fire safety hazards and many more.

The next step from the company would be to introduce the products in market across 5000+ retail stores in upcoming six months all over India. The reason of traction from tier-2 and tier-3 cities was stated as the company’s USP viz. its products are cost effective, with a price range of Rs 12,000-50,000.

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