Sakshi Buttan

bikini airline

Vietjet – Vietnam’s bikini airline soon to knock at Indian doors

Vietnam’s famous bikini airline Vietjet is planning to make its Indian debut. The airline, which made the headline when its cabin crew served its passengers in a bikini, is...

misuse of aadhaar

Will RBI get successful in stopping the misuse of Aadhaar?

There have been many cases where the private banks are misusing the Aadhaar based eKYC verification for opening accounts. RBI has now taken a step in this direction and is trying...

goals planner

How will goals planner strategic planning help you achieving goals?

One major factor which most of the businesses ignore while struggling to achieve their goals is strategic planning. The experienced goals planner understands that to achieve their...

fruity soft drinks

Like fruits over soft drinks? Coca-Cola India introduces Fruit variants of Limca and Sprite

Coca-Cola India Pvt. Ltd- the Indian unit of American beverage maker is all set to launch the fruit versions of its famous product flavors. The step is seen as a plan to bring...


Jio TV and Jio fiber expected to launch soon

Jio TV DTH and Jio Fiber FTTH Launching Soon Since its launch, Jio has been coming up with a variety of offers for its customers. The latest upcoming features are the launch of...

small business marketing

7 smart ideas for small business marketing

You have a great business idea. You have implemented the same very well but are that worth for letting the people know about it? No. Certainly, you need some great innovative...

autonomous vehicle

Google steps ahead with driver-less cars by investing in autonomous vehicle technology

Google has been one strong player in the autonomous vehicle technology right from the starting. In 2017, Google came up with their integrated system in the market. The integrated...

Space X Launching

Space X launching its most powerful rocket yet Falcon Heavy, on Tuesday

Space X Launching Falcon Heavy this Tuesday   Space X is all excited for the test launch of its first most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy, on Tuesday. The rocket launch will...

Fundraising Ideas

Creative fundraising ideas for your startup

Fundraising Ideas for your Startup Being an entrepreneur one of the toughest tasks that one has to deal with is raising funds for their startup. They might have millions of ideas...

volte technology

VoLTE technology: Are over 1 billion mobile subscribers ready for the upgrade?

The most awaited VoLTE technology has arrived and the market is full buzzy about it. According to many of the industry experts, most of the mobile subscribers will be using VoLTE...