January 19, 2018

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Increase Blog Traffic

5 Best Tactics To Increase Your Blog Traffic

As we all know content is king, and it is proven, but it is also a big truth that your king will have no value if you have no visitors on your blog. This is also one of the...

How to Track and Find Your Lost iPhone

How to Track and Locate Your Lost iPhone?

Have you lost your brand new phone? Moreover was it a brand new and costly iPhone? If yes, then I’m really sorry to hear that. Well, like other journalists I won’t ask...


How to Unlock iPhone without Pressing the Home Button?

With iOS 10 many new features and UI changes have arrived. Most of them have made the user experience even better. However, there are a few things which are pretty annoying. Among...

naming a business

How To Create A Remarkable Name For Your Business?

The naming of a business is a creative challenge which is a tumultuous process full of doubts and unsettling feelings. It becomes increasingly difficult because there are hundreds...

avoiding mistakes as entrepreneur

5 Counter Productive Habits To Avoid As An Entrepreneur

Launching a business is hard, we get it! Even those with a bundle of experience and skill get lost along the way when starting a new enterprise. Being an entrepreneur is strictly...

Apple ID

How to change Email Address Linked with your Apple ID?

Whenever you purchase anything from iTunes or App Store you have to use your apple id to sign in. Moreover, in iClouds and App Store you also have to sign in with your Apple ID....

HomeKit Home

How to add new users ad change their Permissions on HomeKit Home?

If you have an iPhone and you are using one of the most useful feature of it, HomeKit Home, then here is something for you. In most cases, you may not be the only one who wants to...

Spectre X360

How to Enable ‘Remaining Battery Time’ for HP Spectre X360?

If you are using one of the HP’s top of the line convertible device Spectre X360 you may have noticed something annoying. The problem is the device doesn’t show the...


How to Download Movies and TV Shows with Netflix?

As we posted earlier Netflix has added the ability for all to download movies and TV shows. By now the feature is available as an update to the existing app. Once you download the...


How to Switch from Beta to Official iOS Release?

Well, many of us have joined the iOS public or developer beta program. It feels good to try out the newest features first right? We know that feel! But sometimes the experience...


How to Force Update Windows 10 to Anniversary Update?

It has been quite some time since Microsoft released the Windows 10 Anniversary update. Anniversary Update for Windows PC’s added new features like performance improvements,...

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s

How to: Set up your new iPhone?

With the launch of iPhone 7 and dropped prices of iPhone 6s many new customers are switching to iOS. I often hear many people telling that it is a bit difficult to set up an...


How to turn your Windows 10 Notebook into a WiFi Hotspot

With the Anniversary update, Microsoft has added many new features in Windows 10, one of them is the mobile hotspot. If you have updated your notebook to Windows 10 Anniversary...